September 20 , 2009

Bjorling Grant — must-haves for my condo

In April, the weekend before I became a home owner, I went to High Point NC to attend Spring Market, a trade show for home decor business. It was planned before I closed on the condo so the timing couldn't be helped, but life is like that and I was so glad I went. Met some great folks and made some great contacts, expanding the way I do business. 

Now that I am nearly ready to pull the trigger and buy some stuff, I thought I'd show some items I think I'm set on.  (Can you GET more noncommittal?… humorous that I really am stuck with the decorating of my own pad, when for clients I am quite decisive.)

One of the highlights of Market was Bjorling Grant. Ian and I had a great conversation about traveling, his studio in MN, and his beautiful objects and furniture. He travels the world collecting. In fact he has a TV pilot for the Travel Channel coming up.  He's to decor what Anthony Bourdain is to food. I wish him all the success and hope the pilot gets picked up. He's a nice guy with a passion for travel and beautiful and interesting things, and what can I say other than: you just want nice people to do well. 


Here is the coffee table I am thinking about getting. Well whatever version he has. They are all different. It's reclaimed wood.


And these baskets. I must have these baskets. Did you know I am obsessed with black pottery? It's so earthy. I have a whole bunch of it. Please don't call it "a collection." That would be way too decorator for me, but I do have a fair amount of it… I also like aqua pottery. No idea why. Just like it. Taste is like that. You don't always know why.


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