June 11 , 2009

Update on Green Shelving

I am trying to find info on shelving that satisfies my need for good indoor air quality. How green of me, I know.

Multiple calls to the folks at Rubbermaid. I did get a return call, but missed it and subsequent calls have been unlucky. Multiple calls to The Container Store. No answer. I'll keep researching, but seriously, it shouldn't have to be this hard. How many consumers would go to this length?

At this point, based on ease of getting information alone, it looks like Rakks for me. Now if I could just find a desk. I did re-think the configuration of how I want my desk to be though. I thought L-shaped, but I had that set up with the folding desks and I just felt confined. The room felt too small, too. So now I am doing one very looooong desk. i think this will be better for me.

Last night I took out one of the 5' folding tables and replaced it with the square one. It's currently 96" long. I kinda like it. Of course I can't get something that big in and out, so it will have to be in 2 parts. I am thinking a 72" desk top and a freestanding desk height file cabinet next to it. That's flexible for later reconfigurations as well. I really gotta pull the trigger and buy. This is making me cra-zy.

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