February 14 , 2009

Trashing the Fridge — Come on Now!!?

Raise your hand if you like your refrigerator. 

Steven Kurutz of the New York Times, wrote an article about people taking "Green to the Extreme" and living fridge-less in an article called Trashing the Fridge.

In a nutshell, this article describes people who decided to get rid of their fridges because they cannot find any that are green enough since a refrigerator uses a lot of electricity. For real.

My 70 year-old dad still calls his fridge an "ice box" because as a kid they had ice delivered. Rotting food, meat going bad (hello! bacteria) — what a great, modern, time-saving convenience was the electric refrigerator.

PS. The NYT article refers to a blog called The Crunchy Chicken and I just checked it out. You can find pros and cons of having a refrigerator. Seriously–I cannot believe this is even a discussion….I don't need an analysis of that one. Many of the comments discuss the joys of being fridge-less. Am I alone thinking this kind of dialog is completely crazy? Green gone too far?

Let's see who can be the greenest of all. It's a competition….

Of course these types of decisions are personal. Live off the grid if you want. Loose the fridge if you want. But get rid of the Amana? I draw a green line in the sand about that one.

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