August 12 , 2008

Three Easy Decorating Changes for a Great Change

Here are 3 easy steps to make a change in your home.


1) Get furniture off the walls.

Do you all your furniture lined up on a wall?

Try placing furniture off the walls. We call it "floating furniture" in the biz. It makes a room more inviting to conversation and also warmer.

Try it. You'll like it.




2) Play with color.

I really cannot say this enough. You do not need to keep consistent colors throughout a house. Rooms like bathrooms, kids' rooms and hallways can be whatever you'd like them to be. Be brave, go bold and have some fun. Charcoal gray bathroom? Hey, why not! Look how nice it makes the vanity pop. We painted the floor too. P.S. It's not tile, but wood.


Cookie powder room after


3) Repeat colors from one room to the next.

If the living room and the dining room open up to each other, use a dominant color in one room as the accent in the next. For example: blue makes up a large percentage in the living room so for the dining room next door, try a small percentage of the same blue in the drapes. You will also notice that we swapped places with coral. Coral pillows and chair in the living room repeat in coral walls in the dining room.



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