July 14 , 2008

The Economy, Luxury and Your Home?

What’s the economy got to do with your home? Well a lot. And these days some people are tightening the belt. Sure gas is more expensive, and so is food, but when I do the math, a tank a week of gas is only costing me about $1K more a year. So I’ve made some simple adjustments, including lumping trips to close locations, and making more of my coffee at home.

I think your house is so important that I don’t think it should be neglected.

Need some joy in your life during uncertain times?

Paint that room a new color, re-organize that closet, and make plans to do work around the house. Why not plant a few flowers outside? A kitchen or a dining room you love will invite you to cook more or have others over. Serving dinner to a big crowd out of the question right now? Invite some friends over for a pot luck. How much fun is that?

If the budget it tighter than it was last year, try decorating in stages. A good plan goes a long way, and a home that you love makes you happy every single day. So please don’t skimp on your home!

Here’s one idea: nice table cloth and some fresh flowers go a long way even if the room is not quite perfect.

Please feel free to share more ideas for how to keep your home looking beautiful in a slow economy!

PS Many retailers run sales in the summer when business is usually down and inventory needs to be cleared. That makes summer a great time to buy. Always ask sales people when they run their sales. Most work on commission so remember to go back to the person who helped you initially.

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