September 5 , 2007

The Art of Compromise– Hanging Art

How high to hang art. It’s a personal choice that’s also to some degree cultural. I’ve been to Senegal, West Africa, and they often hang photos of beloved or important people, spiritual or other wise, above door ways. This is considered closer to heaven.

For the rest of us westerners, where to hang art, how high to hang art can be a challenge. Compounded when those e living in the home are of vastly different heights.

I have clients where the wife is 5’2″ and the husband is 6′ 7″. By definition, they have different eye levels, but we came up with a compromise: Since it really bothered her when art was higher than her comfort level, it was decided that she’d determine eye level and her husband would chose the art placement — which art would go on which wall. This worked for them. Other people choose something between what is ideal for each.

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