September 30 , 2007

This Old House, Ready for Walls to Go Up

Here are some pictures of what’s going on.
The insulation is in. The wall board should go up soon.
We are meeting to review building specs for the built-in banquette shortly.

All of the decor is just about decided. Still challenged by window treatments in a few rooms. It can be a hard decision between the level of privacy and light control needed, so we’re working on that still, but it will come together. Here are some shots for your viewing pleasure.

We were able to add more light and larger windows to the master bath, below. That took some re-thinking of the tile design and re-thinking the dimension of the medicine cabinets. It all worked out in the end. We were able to do larger medicine cabinets than originally thought. That’s good news.

For the master bedroom below, we moved the placement of the windows to each side of the bed. The box in the center is the original, huge window. The small windows on each side are new.
Here’s an insider tip. Bedding can add 3″ to each side of the bed. So if you are doing a king, consider that the bed takes up 82″ not 76″ and you will be sure not to crowd your space with bedding that overlaps or becomes too close to a window. No reason to fix one problem (the window behind a bed) and add a new one (the room feels too crowded in).

You’ve heard of letting the outside in? The stained glass was completely removed for the exterior priming. Nice to get the fresh air in!

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