July 26 , 2007

How to tell quality furniture?

Some of my clients like to look at online and retail sources for products. They are some times confused about the differences in prices of products I show them and ones they can find at big box stores. There is certainly a place in a home for a bargain item, just know what you are getting.

I sell products that I can stand behind in terms of quality and construction. Properly constructed upholstery or case goods (like tables, dressers, and book cases) will last. Buy items with particle board, chip board or ones that are attached by staples and they simply won’t hold up. Also you cannot always tell about the finish on a product from a catalog. Items may look fabulous in the catalog or online thanks to wonderful staging lighting and photography, but surprises can happen once the piece arrives.

I was recently told a story about a very well-priced television stand purchased on line. It arrived in a flat box, the back was cardboard, and it had to be put it together. Now that’s no bargain!

I do buy items sight unseen for clients, but only from tried and true vendors whose quality I trust.

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