November 30 , 2006

How high is too high?

There is no set rule for how high to hang the chandelier.

So how do you remove out the guess work and worry? Take out your tape measure and eye ball where the light should go. Then measure from the ceiling to the base of the light fixture get your overall height. When in doubt, make a life-sized mock-up, take a step back and see how it looks.

Not concrete enough? Here are some starting places.

  • 36-39" above the table is a good beginning point. Lower than this and you may hit your head on the light as you get up from your chair.
  • Sometimes it looks best if the bottom of the piece is at eye level.
  • Rooms have really high ceilings? Try a bit higher above the table.

The good news: most lights can be adjusted on-site, but before you order, check with your lighting vendor. On occasion, you’ll need to specify overall height and it cannot be altered on site.

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