October 24 , 2006

Polyester can be a girl’s best friend

Adding a bit of synthetic fiber to cotton, wool, silk, and other natural materials can add strength, reduce pilling, and help resist stains.

The concept of poly conger up visions of perma-pleated elastic pants advertised in circulars? Consider these details:

  • When choosing upholstery fabrics, look for some polyester in the make up.
  • Microfibers and ultrasuedes are made exclusively from polyester and extremely popular for their wonderful durability and wide range of colors available. Originally only available in solids, there are stripes, patterns, and textures of late. They resist staining and hold their shape well over time. That’s why microfibers and ultrasuedes are a great choice for families with small kids.                                                                                                                   
  • Faux silks made of poly and poly blends can be affordable alternatives to the real thing. They resist fading and burning, a reality for anyone with silk drapes in sunny windows. The fauxes are also more stable and won’t shrink and expand like silk.   
  • Contract fabrics (those for commercial settings) often contain high percentages of poly. Designs have come a long way. They won’t leave you feeling like you live in a bank. Contract fabrics must pass rigorous durability and flammability tests and are also a great choice where performance is a must.
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