January 13 , 2012

Water Water Everywhere, but Cold Only, for the Moment

It is a good news/bad news sort of day. The good news is that plumber installed the toilet, the faucet, and the water filter. The sink and toilet work! I have water! Wonderful!!

Water at 454 common (1024x678)

The bad news is that there is no HOT water. The plumber had suggested moving the water heater from under the sink to the basement. The water heater now lives on a suspended platform a few feet under the ceiling. (So pretty, I know.)

Water heater at 454 common (1024x678)In its new location, drainage is better, there's more room under the sink, and if the water heater ever blows, damage would happen to the basement instead of my lovely office. If only construction were so simple. You see, there is no outlet near the little platform and it's an ELECTRIC heater. I have no hot water because there's nowhere to plug in the hot water heater! How's that for an oversight. DUH?!!! (Full disclosure: my plumber thought he told me to tell the electrician to add an outlet.)

So now I have a call into the electrician to add an outlet. In the mean time, I think I shall enjoy my first, cool glass of filtered water while I call Verizon to find out why I have no voice mail.

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